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EDITED_Ninas Family Sessio 11-01-2020SHO


All my life I have been interested in doing crafts or creating things, but most of all I love taking items or places and making them beautiful. Being a single mother for most of my children’s lives, money was tight. So, even though I enjoyed the finer things, sometimes the budget didn’t match those desires. Instead, I would shop or look for free or almost free items, either at a garage sale or out on the curb and refurbish them and make them beautiful again.


Over the years, as my education increased, (just finished my doctorate, Yay!), so did my income. I recently purchased a brand new home in a newer neighborhood in Brooksville and I was, for the first time, inspired by the newness and wanted new furniture. Well anyone who has ever refurbished furniture, knows the best furniture is real, solid wood furniture. So, I had the same expectations for the new furniture I was buying. I knew there was a solid wood furniture store in the town I grew up in, so I went there. However, as I drove to pick it up I realized how far it was, over 40 miles away!! And that’s when I decided it was time to put my dreams of owning a business to reality and bring others in my new hometown, the quality, solid wood furniture that doubles as heirlooms to their children and grandchildren. 

Thus Nina's Home Furnishings was born.

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